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The Izaña Atmospheric Observatory

The Izaña Atmospheric Observatory on the Izaña Mountain at 2400 m a.s.l. with a total 2,200 m2 surface and the following facilities:

- A residence with 7 double rooms with bath.

- A kitchen.

- A library.

- Two (2) meeting rooms.

- An assembly hall for 50 people.

- Five offices available for visitor investigators and technicians.

- An observation tower with 15 laboratories and a 150 m2 flat horizon-free terrace for radiation instruments and intakes.

- A dark room for radiometers, photometers and spectrometers calibration (horizontal, vertical and angular set-ups).

- An electronic workshop.

- Two (2) workshops for mechanical works.

- A station for filling of ambient air cylinders, which is twin to that from NOAA at Niwot Ridge (Colorado) to make world standard gases.

- Two (2) water rain tanks with a capacity of 216 m3 each one.

- A large installation of solar panels for heating and hot water.