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Measurement program

Research projects




PhD works using Izaña DOAS data


Scientists involved


Stratospheric gases became a subject of major concern in the eighties when mechanisms of ozone depletion due to man-produced chemical were identified. Ozone concentration in the stratosphere basically depends on meridional transport of air, radiation available and amounts of NO2 and halogens.

Unpolluted, clear skies high stations constitute perfect locations for stratospheric measurements.

Measurement Program

DOAS stands for Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy. It is a technique suitable for the detection of minor gases in the atmosphere.  By collecting zenith diffuse light during twilight high quality measurements of stratospheric species can be performed.

INTA in agreement with AEMET (former INM) started a long-term stratospheric measurement program in 1993.  Since that date NO2 vertical column has been collected everyday at twilight. In 1999 a second instrument extended the spectral range to incorporate O3 data (vertical columns). BrO radical measurements (vertical columns) started in 2001 when an UV- spectrometer was deployed.

Twilight total column NO2 series (1193-2000) obtained at Izana by DOAS/UV-VIS technique

Research Projects

Izaña DOAS belongs to the NDACC (Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Comoposition Change) where Quality controlled data are stored.  Data are used for climatological studies, ozone comparison with instruments operating in different spectral ranges to improve the accuracy, potential impact of Saharan dust layers on ozone retrieval by optical methods, short scale events and satellite validation, long term trends, etc

At present Izaña-DOAS contributes to ESA satellites permanent validation through the project MULTI-TASTE coordinated by the Institut d'Aéronomie Spatiale de Belgique (IASB).


Differential absorption spectrometers are integrated at INTA. Algorithms, evaluation software and instrument control software are developed at INTA as well. For main specifications see Table I (from Gil et al., 2008).


Fitting light sensors and optical fibers of DOAS instruments on the terrace of the Izana's observation tower. 
 ARTIST and RASAS DOAS/UV-VIS intruments in the 6th floor of the observation tower.


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PhD works using Izaña DOAS  data

Study of the NO2-O3 system at low latitudes by Ground-Based observations by using the ground-based absorption spectroscopy in the UV.Vis region (Estudio del sistema O3-NO2 en latitudes bajas basado en observaciones desde tierra utilizando la técnica de espectroscopía de absorción UV-Visible), Margarita Yela-Gonzalez,  U. de Salamanca, 1999

Bromine Monoxide remote sensing in the Subtropical atmosphere by Differential Absorption Spactroscopy (Detección remota de monóxido de Bromo en la atmósfera subtropical mediante espectroscopia de absorción diferencial), Olga Puentedura-Rodríguez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid., 2004


NO2 Vertical Column:  1993 to date

O3 Vertical column: 1999 to date

BrO Vertical column: 2001 to date

Data in molec/cm2 between 50º and 93º Solar Zenith Angle.  For long term studies only twilight data around 90º (± 1º) are provided. Ancilliary data are O4, Color index, and Raman scattering which provide information on atmospheric conditions (presence of dust and/or clouds) and H2O

Scientists involved

RASAS Instrument (NO2, O3):     Dr. Manuel Gil-Ojeda (INTA)

EVA Instrument (NO2):     Dr. Margarita Yela-González (INTA)

ARTIST spectrometer (BrO):     Dr. Olga Puentedura-Rodriguez (INTA)

Analysis software:          Mrs. Mónica Navarro-Comas (INTA)

Instrument control software:    Eng. Javier Iglesias-Méndez (INTA)