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Development of CarbonTracker Europe-CH4 – Part 2: global methane emission estimates and their evaluation for 2000-2012 (New study published in Geoscientific Model Development Discussions)
    A group of scientists working mainly in Finish and Dutch institutions (but also from Switzerland, USA, Spain, Australia, Malta, Italy, Germany and Japan) has published a study in the scientific review Geoscientific Model Development Discussions. This scientific paper presents the evaluation of the model CarbonTracker Europe-CH4 and the results of global methane flux inversions performed with that model. A researcher from Izaña Atmospheric Research Center has participated in this study contributing to the evaluation, flux More...
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 12:57
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Study of the transatlantic transport of dust: Africa–Canary Islands–Caribbean–USA
  Dust from the Sahara (or “Calima” as commonly named) has a clear seasonality, affecting the Canary Islands in the upper layers especially in summer. It is estimated that arid regions of North Africa emit ~70% of the total dust emissions, with global implications in many aspects of climate, marine biogeochemical processes, soil fertility, air quality and human health. The Saharan Air Layer (SAL), which extends from the northwest of the African continent, can travel thousands of kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean reaching the More...
Friday, 05 August 2016 09:55
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One week access to Izana Subtropical Access Facility (ISAF) in the framework of ACTRIS-2 project
    ACTRIS-2 project offers free of charge access to 18 observational facilities. One of them is Izaña Atmospheric Research Center (IARC-AEMET) under the acronym of ISAF (Izaña Subtropical Access Facility). ISAF is the only existing infrastructure for the observation of the atmosphere located in the free troposphere of the subtropical North Atlantic, achieving the monitoring and research related to atmospheric constituents that play key roles from local to global scale. More information about the procedure to get access to the More...
Friday, 08 July 2016 10:27
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The Meteorology Communicators Association (ACOMET) visits the Izaña Observatory
        On 18 June we received the members of the Meteorology Communicators Association (ACOMET) at the Izaña Observatory. The visit was part of the ACOMET IV Seminar which was held on the island of Tenerife coinciding with the centenary of the Izaña Observatory. During the visit to the Izaña Observatory the course/seminar entitled "Basic Concepts in Atmospheric Composition" was given. The docents were researchers from the Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre (IARC; AEMET): Dr. Emilio Cuevas, Angel Gomez, Alberto Redondas, Dr. More...
Tuesday, 28 June 2016 13:35
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New Technical Note on observation and prediction of precipitable water in Tenerife
      The new Technical Note No. 20 of AEMET entitled "Near real time Measurements and 24h forecasts of atmospheric precipitable water content from a GPS network on the island of Tenerife" has been published (only available in Spanish). This work consists of an application of the developments described in a previous technical note ("Column Water Vapor Program of the Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre: Assessment and Intercomparison of different Measurement Techniques") to a data form a GPS network located in different places and at More...
Friday, 17 June 2016 11:34
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New CIAI's seminar: Classification of clouds and meteorological phenomena
  On 10 June 2016 at 11:00, Rubén del Campo Hernández (CIAI-AEMET) imparted the seminar entitled "Classification of clouds and meteorological phenomena" at the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center's Offices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Click here to go to the section Seminars of the CIAI's website, where there is available more information (abstract, presentation in pdf, and/or link to a published study…) about this and other past seminars (sometimes also about the next programmed seminar). More...
Friday, 10 June 2016 13:57
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