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Participation in the XVIII Congreso de la Asociación Española de Teledetección
        The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center has participated in “XVIII Congreso de la Asociación Española de Teledetección”, which was held in Valladolid (Spain) from 24 to 27 September 2019.     The following contributions were shown: Oral presentation: “Monitorización Global de los Gases de Efecto Invernadero Metano y Óxido Nitroso a partir del Metop/IASI”, García, O., Schneider, M., Ertl, B., Sepúlveda, E., Borger, C., Diekmann, C., Wiegele, A., Hase, F., Barthlott, S., Blumenstock, T., Raffalski, U., More...
Monday, 30 September 2019 12:34
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“Aerosol optical depth comparison between GAW-PFR and AERONET-Cimel radiometers from long-term (2005–2015) 1 min synchronous measurements.” paper published in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
    In this paper, we present a comprehensive comparison of more than 70 000 synchronous 1 min aerosol optical depth (AOD) data from three Global Atmosphere Watch precision-filter radiometers (GAW-PFR), traceable to the World AOD reference, and 15 Aerosol Robotic Network Cimel radiometers (AERONET-Cimel), calibrated individually with the Langley plot technique, was performed for four common or “near” wavelengths, 380, 440, 500 and 870 nm, in the period 2005–2015. This work has been performed in the frame of the WMO CIMO More...
Monday, 26 August 2019 07:56
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Total Ozone Measurements Intercomparison at Huelva “El Arenosillo” Atmospheric Sounding Station, INTA (Huelva, Spain) June 19th – 29th, 2019
  Total Ozone Measurements Intercomparison campaign has been organized by the Regional Brewer Calibration Center-Europe of the Meteorological State Agency of Spain (AEMET) and the “Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial”  (INTA), and it was supported by the Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) program of the World Meteorological Organization. The objective of the campaign is to compare Total Ozone measurements of the different  participating instruments. The campaign has been held at INTA’s El Arenosillo Atmospheric Sounding More...
Thursday, 11 July 2019 11:15
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REDMAAS2019 intercomparison campaign
This week, the group of In-Situ Aerosols of the CIAI has participated in the campaign REDMAAS2019 (Spanish Network of Environmental DMA - Differential Mobility Analyzer). The campaign was carried out in the facilities of the CIEMAT (Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research) in Madrid from March 4 to 8, 2019, and part of the REDMAAS network members participated, such as CIEMAT, the Institute University of Environment of the University of A Coruña (IUMA-UDC), the Center of Atmospheric Research of Izaña (CIAI-AEMET), the More...
Friday, 08 March 2019 12:23
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“Description of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) station at the Izaña Observatory (2009-2017): measurements and quality control/assurance procedures.” paper published in Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems
In this paper, we present a description of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) station at the Izaña Observatory. This station (Station: IZA, #61) is part of this network since 2009. This is a high-mountain station located in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain; at 28.3° N, 16.5 W, 2373 m a.s.l.) and is a representative site of the subtropical North Atlantic free troposphere (Figure 1).     Figure 1 .- (a) Location of the Izaña station (IZA) on a global map of all BSRN stations  http://bsrn.awi.de). (b) Izaña Atmospheric More...
Monday, 25 February 2019 13:09
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"International Day of Women and Girls in Science" from the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center
At a time when most of the challenges we face (energy crisis, environmental crisis, food crisis, ...) depend on Science and Technology, we can not afford to do without the talent of half the population [https://11defebrero.org/]. For this reason, the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center (CIAI), the 11th and the 12th of February, joined several activities to celebrate the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”. Researchers from the CIAI given several talks explaining the role of women in Science and the scientific activities More...
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 10:29
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