Calibration of the Cimel sun-photometer of the AERONET station in Tunis (Tunisia)


From September 22nd to 26th, 2014, the annual maintenance and SUN and SKY calibration of the Cimel sun-photometer installed at the Tunis-Carthage station (AERONETPHOTONSRIMA network) have been performed at Izaña station (IARCAEMET). This activity has been developed as a contribution to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (SDS-WAS) and to the Izaña station activities as WMO-CIMO Testbed for Aerosols and Water Vapor Remote Sensing Instruments.

Furthermore, from September 23rd to 25th, 2014, Mr. Souhail Krichen (Institut National de la Météorologie de Tunisie – Tunis_Carthage station) attended to a 20-hour training course on Cimel sun-photometer operation given by Ms. Carmen Guirado Fuentes and Dr. Emilio Cuevas.

Information on the station, the principle researchers and the site manager for the station can be found here. Data can be accessed here in quasi-real time.

Pictures of Souhail Krichen during his stay in Izaña and during the meeting at Izaña headquarters with Emilio Cuevas and Carmen Guirado

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