Participation in the Symposium on Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at Mountain Sites

The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center has participated in the “Symposium on Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at Mountain Sites” was held in Interlaken, Switzerland, on June 8-10, 2010. The idea to organize this symposium was developed in the Commission of Atmospheric and Chemistry and Physics (ACP) , which is part of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. The general aim of the symposium is to present and discuss chemical and physical field measurements of air constituents at mountains, in order to learn from such type of measurements as much as possible. The symposium has been very fruitful with many interesting scientific discussions. Nowadays mountain stations play a key role in monitoring anthropogenic changes in background atmospheric composition. Advanced techniques are normally used in these stations in order to meet the high precision and accuracy requirements to measure near the detection limit. So a specific symposium focused on mountain sites has been very welcome. All the participants were very willing to celebrate the same type of symposium in the following years.

The Izaña Atmospheric Research center has participated in this symposium with the following scientific communications dealing with greenhouse gases, reactive gases and aerosols. Oral presentations will be posted very soon at the Symposium web page.

Detection of the Saharan dust air layer in the North Atlantic free troposphere with AERONET, OMI and in-situ data at Izaña Atmospheric Observatory” (poster)

by F. Adam, S. Rodríguez, E. Cuevas, A. Alastuey,  and X. Querol.

Climatology of Aerosol Radiative Properties in the Free Troposphere” (oral presentation)

by E. Andrews, J.A. Ogren, P. Bonasoni, A. Marinoni, E. Cuevas, S. Rodriguez, J. Sun, D. Jaffe, E. Fischer, U. Baltensperger, E. Weingartner, S. Sharma, A. Macdonald, R. Leaitch, N.-H. Lin, P. Laj, J. Stamenov, I. Kalapov, A. Jefferson, and P. Sheridan.

25 years of continuous CO2 and CH4 measurements at Izaña Global GAW mountain station: annual cycles and interannual trends” (poster)

by A. Gomez-Pelaez, R. Ramos, E. Cuevas, and V. Gomez-Trueba.

Long Term Ozone Observations at Izaña Atmospheric Observatory (1987-2009)” (oral presentation)

by Y. González, S. Alonso-Pérez, E. Cuevas, S. Rodríguez , J.C. Guerra, and J.M. Baldasano.

Origin, size distribution and chemical composition of the Saharan dust particles collected in the North Atlantic free troposphere at Izaña Atmospheric Observatory” (oral presentation)

 by S. Rodríguez, A. Alastuey, X. Querol, E. Cuevas, M.M. Viana, J. Abreu-Afonso, S. Alonso-Perez, T. Moreno, and S. Castillo.

A brief review of Reactive Gases Observations at Izaña Atmospheric Observatory (2006-2009)” (poster)

by Y. González, S. Rodríguez, E. Cuevas, R. Ramos, J.C. Guerra, J.M. Baldasano.

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