Talk about the activities of the Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre (IARC) in Lodosa (Navarra

On 16 April in the House of Culture of Lodosa (Navarra) a talk entitled “Climate change: how it is measured and how it affects us.” The importance of GAW (Global Atmospheric Watch) program of the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center in monitoring atmosphere components monitoring related with climate change was discussed. The greenhouse gases, aerosols, reactive gases, ozone and radiation programs, as well as the phenological observations program were described with a rigorous but simple language.
The talk was organized by the Association “Gurugú” of Lodosa, and was given by our colleague Ruben del Campo, registering a good crowd, which showed great interest in the activities carried out at the CCIA.




Three moments of the talk given in Lodosa (Navarra). Photos courtesy of J.A. Diez.


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