Video: Sea cloud leeward and windward. Izaña, 16th May 2008


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Videos taken from the proximities of the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory (Tenerife) on May 16, 2008 in the afternoon. The videos have been reproduced at a speed 120 times the real one, showing the leeward and windward sea of clouds. There was a situation of NW flow at sea level, with the thermal inversion higher than normal, when the trade winds are present. It occurred that day at an altitude of about 2100 m, approximately.

In the first videos used for compiling this, we observe the clouds ascending the slopes of the southeast of the Island of Tenerife defending them from the NW flow, impelled by breezes during the day, until their tops reach the temperature inversion, where they are simultaneously displaced into the opposite direction by the NW flow that crosses the island over the mountain relief. The two last videos show the aspect the sea of clouds showed in windward direction in the late afternoon.

Videos by Fernando Bullón
Music by Silvia Alonso


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