2010 Izaña summary of scientific production

Staff members of the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center have participated during 2010 in:

Refereed publications (SCI papers)

(10 published papers and 1 accepted paper)

Proceedings in international workshops 18
Proceedings in national workshops 7
Capacity building talks/conferences 9
Popularizing conferences 7
PhD Thesis (ongoing)

University of La Laguna (3)
University of Valladolid (2)
University of Huelva (1)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (1)

External financed projects (ongoing)

 International Cooperation (4)
 EU FP7 (1)
 National R+D Plan (2)
 Canary Islands Gov. R+D Plan (1)
 Andalusia Gov. R+D Plan (1)


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