A photo report made at the Observatory Izaña, 2nd prize in the “Meteoreportaje’2014” competition of the AME


The Spanish Meteorological Association (AME), organizes the annual “Meteoreportaje” and “Meteovideo” competitions, meeting places for fans of meteorology and photography which combine both hobbies and exhibit their best works, most of them of high quality.

In the 2014 “Meteoreportaje” edition, our colleague Ruben del Campo, observer and GAW technician at Izaña, as well as amateur photographer, took part with the report entitled “Ten seconds,” in which he presented pretty pictures showing various aspects of the state of the atmosphere over the past 2014 on the island of Tenerife. The jury awarded the 2nd prize to this report.

The Izaña Atmospheric Observatory had a prominent role in this report, since more than half of the photographs were made there. Not surprisingly, its location at nearly 2,400 m a.s.l. allows for great views of much of Tenerife Island and meteorological phenomena.

Here you can see some photographs of the report taken at Izaña:

“Hard rime in Izaña”


“Shadow of Teide”


“Solar Corona”

You can see the full report of our colleague by clicking HERE

You can see the other winning photoreports by clicking HERE

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