Call for one vacancy for the VALIASI project (Research Fellowship Program of EUMETSAT-2011)


Recently the Research Fellowship Program of EUMETSAT-2011 has awarded to the project VALIASI (Validation of IASI Level 2 products), from the FTIR Program of CIAI, one fellowship/contract for one year (subject to an extension of two additional years). VALIASI aims to validate the total column amounts of different atmospheric trace gases (H2O, O3, CH4, N2O, CO, CO2) obtained from the remote sensor IASI (Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interforemeter) aboard the meteorological satellite polar MetOp/EUMETSAT. To do this, VALIASI will use high quality measurements from ground-based Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometers at different locations (subtropical, middle and polar latitudes). The quality of the IASI-EUMETSAT operational products will be documented, using a common methodology and under different atmospheric conditions, where the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory will be the reference station.
The call of the VALIASI vacancy is open until November 25, 2012. For details of the call, please, refer to the EUMETSAT’s website.  Link.

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