Cooperation Program with Tamanrasset Global GAW Station

In 2006 the Tamanrasset-Izaña “GAW-Twining” SALAM (Saharan Air Layer Air Mass characterization) project was initiated. This is part of a cooperation program between the “Office National de la Météorologie” (ONM, Algeria) and the former INM (now AEMET). In September 2006 was installed the AERONET and PHOTONS / RIMA Tamanrasset-INM Cimel station.

  Tamanrasset station is located in a strategic site, in the core of the Sahara. This projecy has the following objectives:

1. Monitoring and characterization of the Saharan Air Layer.
2. Validation of regional and global dust models.
3. Validation of satellite-based dust measurements.
4. Enhance the dust early warning system in Northen Africa.

Cimel at Tamanrasset GAW station (left) and Lahouari, Ramos and Ouchène checking the new robot (Feb-2009).

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