New electronic Technical Note about precipitable water over Tenerife Island



A new electronic Technical Note entitled: “A Climatology of Precipitable Water in the Subtropical Region over Tenerife Island based on Radiosondes data” by Pedro Miguel Romero-Campos et al., has been published on March 26th, 2012 under “publications on line” in the Meteorological State Agency of Spain (AEMET) web ( You can access directly trough the following link:

In this work, a comprenhensive study of the homogeneity of the precipitable water time series obtained from PTU radiosondes launched over Tenerife Island from May 1994 to April 2011 has been performed. During this period, different changes in sonde types, software and launching-sites have occurred. These changes have resulted in inhomogeneities in data series. The study and characterisation of these data series has introduced statistical tools which could be used as a reference to undertake other similar studies. Once homogenised the precipitable water series, statistical monthly patterns are established for different layers of the column profile. Annual and seasonal anomalies and trends are studied as well. Finally, air masses reaching Tenerife have been related with observed precipitable water.

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