New paper about aerosol characterization using AERONET data.

A new paper entitled “Aerosol characterization in Northern Africa, Northeastern Atlantic, Mediterranean Basin and Middle East from direct-sun AERONET Observations”, by S. Basart, C. Pérez, E. Cuevas, J. M. Baldasano, and G. P. Gobbi has been published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (

This study provides an atmospheric aerosol characterization for North Africa, Northeastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Middle East based on the analysis of quality-assured direct-sun observations of 39 stations of the AErosol Robotic NETwork (AERONET) which include at least an annual cycle within the 1994–2007 period. Aerosol optical depth, Angstrom exponent and its spectral variation are analyzed using an innovative method, and characterized seasonally providing a “picture” of different types of aerosols dominant in each area of study region.

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