Participation in the 2nd Iberian Meeting on Aerosol Science and Technology 2014 (RICTA)

The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center has participated “2nd Iberian Meeting on Aerosol Science and Technology”, which was held in Tarragona (España) from 7 to 9 July 2014.
RICTA 2014 aims to continue the diffusion of the main scientific and technological advances on aerosol research, particularly regarding the Portuguese and Spanish communities.

The following contributions were shown:

“Vertical distribution of the mineral dust radiative forcing in Tenerife” R.D. García, O.E. García, V.E. Cachorro, E. Cuevas, C. Guirado, Y. Hernández, A. Berjón and A.M. de Frutos.

“Characterization of African dust source areas contributing to ambient aerosol levels across the western Mediterranean basin”. P. Salvador, B. Artíñano, F. J. Gómez-Moreno, S. Alonso, J. Pey, A. Alastuey and X. Querol.

“Saharan dust profiling during AMISOC 2013 campaign: Optical and microphysical properties derived from multi-platform in-situ and remote sensing techniques”. C. Córdoba-Jabonero, J. Andrey, L. Gómez, M. C. Parrondo, J. A. Adame, O. Puentedura, E. Cuevas, M. Gil-Ojeda.

“Sources of ultrafine and black carbon particles in Seville urban city”. R. Fernández-Camacho, S. Rodríguez, J. D. de la Rosa.

“The REDMAAS 2014 intercomparison campaign: CPC, SMPS, UFP and neutralizer”. F. J. Gómez-Moreno, E. Alonso, B. Artíñano, S. Iglesias, Samitier, M. Piñeiro Iglesias, P. López Mahía, N. Pérez, A. Alastuey, B. A. de la Morena, M. I. García, S. Rodríguez, M. Sorribas, G. Titos, H. Lyamani, L. Alados-Arboledas, E. Filimundi, E. Latorre Tarrasa.

“Cirrus clouds profiling at subtropical and polar latitudes: Optical / macrophysical properties derived from active remote sensing observations”. C. Córdoba-Jabonero, E. G. Larroza, E. Landulfo, W. M. Nakaema, E. Cuevas, H. Ochoa, M. Gil-Ojeda.

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