Participation in the “International Radiation Symposium 2012”


The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center have presented three studies in the “International Radiation Symposium 2012” (IRS 2012) was held in Dahlem Cube, Berlin, Germany from 6 to 10 August 2012.
The IRS 2012 provides a forum for the science community to exchange recent results and evolving ideas relevant to many areas of atmospheric radiation. The IRS encourages in the radiation research crucial to understanding and predicting Earth’s dynamic climate.

Scientific presentations:

•    P88 IRS2012-343: García, R.D., Cuevas, E., Cachorro, V.E., Ramos, R., and de Frutos, A.M.: Comparison between measurements and model simulations of solar radiation at a high altitude site: Case studies for the Izaña BSRN station (download poster).
•   P42 IRS2012-179: Sepúlveda, E., Schneider, M., Hase, F., García, O.E., Gisi, M., Blumenstock, T., Dohe, S., González, Y., and Guerra, J.C.: Compact and low resolution spectrometer for the inversion of water vapour total column amounts (download poster).
•    P39 IRS2012-279: Dohe, S., Sepúlveda, E., Hase, F., Gómez, A., Schneider,M., Blumenstock, T., and García, O.: CO2 total column amounts at the TCCON sites Izaña (28.3ºN, 16.5ºW) and Karlsruhe (49.1ºN, 8.5ºE) (download poster).

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