Publication of the paper “EuBrewNet – A European Brewer network (COST Action ES1207), an overview”

The scientific paper “EuBrewNet – A European Brewer network (COST Action ES1207), an overview” has been published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) Journal after the public discussion.

This work describe the “European Brewer Network” with emphasis on the ozone measurements, an overview is given of new calibration and instrument characterization procedures, which are then incorporated into new algorithms for the determination of total column ozone taking account of non-linearities and stray light effects within the spectrometer. A new near real time database is described where all raw data are processed centrally and subjected to the same quality control criteria. Data products are produced in levels that reflect the stages of quality control applied from initial near real time to final archive quality for trend analysis.

The Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer has been the lead instrument for ground based ozone measurements in the last 30 years. More than 200 Brewer instruments have been installed around the world, 50 of them in Europe. In an effort to improve the quality and timeliness of the data, the COST Action ES1207 was initiated to form a European Brewer Network – EUBREWNET.

The purpose of EUBREWNET is to harmonise observations, data processing, calibrations and operating procedures so that a measurement at one station is entirely consistent with measurements at all the others. Additionally, the Brewer also measures spectral UV irradiance, Sulphur dioxide and aerosol optical depth. Another important point is the link to climate change where tropospheric ozone and aerosols are still regarded as having the largest effect on uncertainties in climate models.


Rimmer, J. S., Redondas, A., and Karppinen, T.: EuBrewNet – A European Brewer network (COST Action ES1207), an overview, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 10347-10353,, 2018.

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Figure 1: EuBrewNet near real time database diagram.

Figure 2: Map of the Brewer stations contributing to EuBrewNet (10 July 2018)

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