REDMAAS2019 intercomparison campaign

This week, the group of In-Situ Aerosols of the CIAI has participated in the campaign REDMAAS2019 (Spanish Network of Environmental DMA – Differential Mobility Analyzer).

The campaign was carried out in the facilities of the CIEMAT (Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research) in Madrid from March 4 to 8, 2019, and part of the REDMAAS network members participated, such as CIEMAT, the Institute University of Environment of the University of A Coruña (IUMA-UDC), the Center of Atmospheric Research of Izaña (CIAI-AEMET), the Interuniversity Institute of Investigation of the Earth System in Andalusia of the University of Granada (IISTA-UGR) and the Institute for Environmental Diagnosis and Water Studies (IDAEA-CSIC) as well as an instrument provided by the TSI company for this campaign.

The purpose of REDMAAS (Spanish Network of Environmental DMAs – Differential Mobility Analyzer) is to facilitate the exchange and transference of knowledge between the groups, just as to promote cooperation among them in order to create synergies and to optimize the use and the coordination of scientific-technological infrastructures of common interest.

The objective of this campaign is the intercomparison of aerosol particle size analyzers of the SMPS type (Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer) and to check that the instruments are quality controlled, which ensures the validity of the measurements and their traceability.

In light of a preliminary analysis, everything seems to indicate that the intercomparison has been developed successfully. The results will be analyzed in the following weeks.

REDMAAS2019 campaign participants. From left to right: H. Lyamani y J.A. Casquero (IISTA-UGR), C. Carnerero (IDAEA-CSIC), E. Alonso (CIEMAT), N. Prats (CIAI-AEMET), F.J. Gómez (CIEMAT) y M. Piñeiro (IUMA-UDC).

First night of measurements: intercomparison of CPCs (Condensation Particle Counter).

SMPS Classifier 3080 check with PSL Polystyrene Latex Spheres 80 and 200 nm.


Intercomparison between 6 SMPS participants in the campaign.

The English version has been reviewed by Ms María Moreno-Oramas student of the University of La Laguna.

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