The book entitled “Aerobiología y alergias respiratorias de Tenerife” has been published

Aerobiología y alergias respiratorias de Tenerife presents a comprehensive overview of recent research conducted on the biological quality of the air and its consequences for the allergic population of the island of Tenerife. The book summarizes the results of the research initiative EOLO-PAT that was jointly carried out by the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center (AEMET), the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Air Liquide. Allergologists from Santa Cruz de Tenerife also took part in this initiative.

The information compiled in this document is highly relevant for allergology and carries societal significance. Airborne pollen and fungal spores are known to provoke allergic reactions and information on the distribution patterns in time and space of pollen and spores is vital for allergologists and their thrive to detect and inform the public on the agents that may cause allergies. Such information likewise helps people suffering from allergies with a better planning of their activities by informing them on the kinds and appropriate timing of medication to take, areas of pollinating plants to avoid, and to plan their recreational and other activities away from allergen presence. Clearly this constitutes a significant improvement of the quality of their lives.

The first chapters of the book inform about the regional climate and landscape, and they describe the methodologies and techniques applied in the study. This is then followed by chapters informing about biodiversity and quantity of pollen and fungal spores registered in the air of Tenerife and the temporal pattern of the airborne concentrations of these particles over the course of the year.  A specific chapter is devoted to a census of the local population affected by allergies that are caused by pollen. The book closes with a comprehensive list of weblinks that guide the interested reader to the internet platform of the EOLO-PAT project where information is continuously updated and cross-links are provided to the internet platforms of other aerobiological projects worldwide.

The EOLO-PAT project and this book for many years to come will serve as a reference compendium for aerobiologists, allergologists and the interested and affected public. Along with the Spanish and European networks (REA, SEAIC and EAN) where the data are archived this puts the Canary Islands on the map of the global aerobiological panorama.  

A digital version of the book is available at:

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