The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center participated in the First Exhibition of Scientific and Professional Vocations in the Canary Islands.


Last 16th and 17th of October the First Fair of Scientific and Professional Vocations of the Canary Islands, organized by the University of La Laguna and its General Foundation, took place in the streets of the historic center of San Cristobal de la Laguna (Tenerife). In this Fair a series of activities, such as exhibitions, workshops and talks, were made in order to raise awareness of science, technology, and innovation to young people of the island of Tenerife and to promote scientific and professional careers, especially among secondary school students.

The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center (IARC), part of the State Meteorological Agency of Spain (AEMET), participated in this exciting initiative attending the audience in one of the stands of the fair located in the central Obispo Rey Redondo street, and giving an informative presentation in the Casa de los Capitanes.

The students who approached the stand could learn, firsthand, about the professional profiles of the staff of Izaña through explanations of IARC’s personnel (Omaira García, Silvia Alonso, Rubén del Campo, Javier López-Solano, Rocío López and Marina Jover) who voluntarily participated in the event. The various programs and projects developed at Izaña were described, and doubts and questions raised by the students and their teachers were answered. An overview of the activities carried out by AEMET, and specifically those developed at Izaña, was shown in a Omaira García´s talk at the Casa de los Capitanes.

This presentation can be downloaded here.



General aspect of the Izaña Atmospheric Research center carp. From left to right: Rubén del Campo, Silvia Alonso y Marina Jover


IARC personnel (from left to right: Omaira García, Javier López-Solano y Rocío López) explaining the activities carried out at Izaña to high school students.







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