Aerobiology in the Canary Islands: annual 2012 report (Bulletin No. 1) of ELO-PAT project on study of allergens in the Canaries


With this paper we begin a series of anual bulletins where we present the behavior of the 6 most allergenic pollens in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Izaña (Artemis, Grasses, Parietaria, Céñigos, Polygonaceae and Plantain), compared to concentrations in previous years. Each document also contains information on two other less common allergenic pollens. In this edition of 2012 are treated Cypress and Cruciferae.

This annual report is the result of the activities carried out under the EOLO-PAT project, aimed at a better understanding of the etiology of respiratory allergies in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This project is possible thanks to the collaboration of Air Liquide, Palynological Analysis Laboratory of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Center for Atmospheric Research Izaña (AEMET). To carry out this study, we perform continuous sampling of the atmosphere, and emergency visits for respiratory diseases are tracked.

69% of pollens and 59% of the spores in the atmosphere of Santa Cruz de Tenerife are likely to trigger respiratory diseases, they should be added to 29% of pollens and spores 10%, being less aggressive, may also affect sensitive people.

The citation is:

Belmonte, J., E. Cuevas, 2013, Eolo-PAT project. Study of allergens in the Canaries. Data Annual Report 2012. Bellaterra: Proyecto EOLO-PAT.

The 2012 bulleting can be downloaded here

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