Annual NDACC & TCCON meeting 2017



The 2017 Annual Joint NDACC-IRWG & TCCON Meeting was hold on the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France from May 29 to June 2, 2017. The local host was the Laboratoire d’Etudes du Rayonnement et de la Matière en Astrophysique et Atmosphères (LERMA).

Mainly members of the NDACC-IRWG and TCCON communities but also participants from the satellite communities and private sector have attended this meeting. The IARC has participated showing the following works:

1) Ozone total and partial column amounts comparison between satellite-based MetOp-IASI and ground-based NDACC FTIR, by E. Sepúlveda, O.E. García, M. Schneider, T. August, C. Clerbaux, F. Hase, T. Blumenstock, T. Hultberg, E. Sanromá, V. Carreño, E. Mahieu, M. De Mazière, C. Vigouroux, D. Griffith, N. Jones, D. Smale, J. Notholt, M. Palm, and A. M. De Frutos.

2) Improved Retrieval Strategy for Ozone Monitoring by Ground-Based FTIR Spectrometry, by E. Sanromá, O.E. García, F. Hase, M. Schneider, T. Blumenstock, E. Sepúlveda, A. Redondas, M. Navarro-Comas, and V. Carreño.

3) Ozone Isotopologue Monitoring from Ground-Based FTIR Spectrometry, by O.E. García, E. Sanromá, M. Schneider, F. Hase, T. Blumenstock, and E. Sepúlveda.

4) The Izaña Site Report, by Sepúlveda, O.E. García, M. Schneider, F. Hase, T. Blumenstock, and E. Sanromá.

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