Participation in the European Aerosol Conference 2012


Researchers of the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center participated in a total of 13 communications presented in the 2012 European Aerosol Conference (EAC-2012) was held in Granada from 2 to 7 September 2012. The conference series is held under the auspices of the European Aerosol Assembly (EAA), a body that represents 12 national or regional societies. The Aerosol Society of Spain organized the EAC2012, and specifically by the University of Granada through the Andalusian Center for Environmental Studies (CEAMA) and the Atmospheric Physics Research Group (GFAT).

CIAI’s researches presented the following works:

1.    A-WG01S1P40. Characterization of new particles formation events at Izaña Mountain Observatory (Tenerife, Canary Islands): formation, growth rates and influencing atmospheric parameters, by Maria-Isabel Garcia, Sergio Rodriguez, Rosa Delia Garcia, Yenny González

2.    A-WG02S1P51. Planetary Boundary Layer and Saharan Air Layer top height determination using Ceilometer and Micro Pulse Lidar. Intercomparison for two case studies, by Yballa Hernández, Silvia Alonso-Pérez, Emilio Cuevas, J. de Bustos, Angel Gomez-Pelaez, Ramon Ramos, C, Córdoba-Jabonero and M. Gil

3.    A-WG02S1P52. An empirical relationship to estimate mineral dust concentration from visibility observations, by Carlos Camino, Silvia Alonso-Pérez, Enric Terradellas, Sergio Rodriguez, Angel Gomez-Pelaez, P.M. Romero-Campos, Yballa Hernández, S. Basart, J.M. Baldasano and Emilio Cuevas

4.    C-WG09S1P12. Modelling PM2.5 chemical composition with CAMx in southwest Spain, by Celia Milford, N. Castell, C. Marrero, A. Sánchez de la Campa , R. Fernández-Camacho, S. Rodríguez, J. D. de la Rosa and A. F. Stein

and contributed to the following presentations:

1.    A-WG02S1P37. Influence of Saharan dust in deposition fluxes of nutrients in Spain, by Sonia Castilllo, Xavier Querol Carceller, Andrés Alastuey Urós, Anna Ávila Castells, Emilio Cuevas-Agulló, Jesús De La Rosa Díaz

2.    B-WG01S2P13. Saharan Air Layer (SAL) over Tenerife: Summertime statistic analysis from lidar measurements, by Carmen Córdoba-Jabonero, Daniel Toledo, José Antonio Adame, Yballa Hernández, Emilio Cuevas, Manuel Gil 

3.    B-SS01S1P12. The AERONET-Europe calibration facility: access within the ACTRIS Project, by Philippe Goloub, Victoria E. Cachorro, Emilio Cuevas, Luc Blarel, Alberto Berjon, Carlos Toledano, Aliaksandr Lapionak, C. Guirado, R. Ramos, R. González, D. Fuertes

4.    Atmospheric boundary layer height estimation by different methods: Application to lidar measurements, by Daniel Toledo, Carmen Córdoba-Jabonero, Emilio Cuevas, Manuel Gil

5.    WG05S2O01. Levels of carbonaceous aerosols in remote, rural, urban and industrial sites of Spain, by Xavier Querol, Andres Alastuey, Mar Viana, Teresa Moreno, Cristina Reche, M.C. Minguillón, A. Ripoll, M. Pandolfi, F. Amato, N. Pérez, J.Pey, M. Cusack, R. Vázquez, J. de la Rosas, A. Sánchez de la Campa, S. Rodríguez, C. Pío, L. Alados-Arboledas, G. Titos, B. Atíñano, P. Salvador, S. García Dos Santos, R. Fernández Patier

6.    B-WG01S2P20. Nine years of aerosol optical depth measurements over north-central Spain from ground (AERONET-RIMA) and their comparison with satellite (MODIS) observations, by Yasmine Bennouna, Victoria Cachorro, Benjamin Torres, Rúben Rodrigo, Carlos Toledano, Alberto Berjón, Angel De Frutos

7.    A-WG01S1P28. Source apportionment of ultrafine and fine particles in Huelva industrial city, by R. Fernández-Camacho, S. Rodríguez, J. de la Rosa, A.M. Sánchez de la Campa, Y. González-Castanedo

8.    B-WG01S2P30. Calibration and intercomparison results in the Spanish network on environmental DMAs,  by Francisco J. Gómez-Moreno, Begoña Artiñano, Vanesa Juncal Bello, María Piñeiro Iglesias, Purificación López Mahía, , N. Pérez, J. Pey, A. Alastuey, B. A. de la Morena, M. I. García, S. Rodríguez, M. Sorribas, G. Titos, H. Lyamani and L. Alados-Arboledas

9.    WG01S3O04. Study on the influence of different error sources on sky radiance measurementsand inversion-derived aerosol products in the frame of AERONET, by Benjamin Torres, Carlos Toledano, Alberto J. Berjon, Oleg Dubovik, Victoria E. Cachorro, Yasmine Bennouna, David Fuertes, R. González, P. Goloub, T. Podvin, L. Barel, A. M. de Frutos

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