Participation in the “IASI Conference 2013”


The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center, together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, have presented two studies in the “IASI Conference 2013: IASI Infrared Accuracy from Space in a Fragile World” (IASI2013), which was held in Hyères (France) from 4 to 8 February 2013.
This conference, forum for the science community working on the remote sensor IASI (Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer) will be an opportunity to review the results of 6 years of operating data from the IASI instrument on the orbiting satellite Metop-A since 2006. It will also prepare for the arrival of data from the second model launched on September 17 with Metop-B.

Scientific presentations:

•    M. Schneider, A. Wiegele, F. Hase, S. Barthlott, T. Blumenstock, O.E. García, E. Sepúlveda: IASI / METOP retrievals within the project MUSICA (oral presentation)
•    O.E. García, M. Schneider, F. Hase, A. Wiegele, T. Blumenstock, E. Sepúlveda, A. Gómez-Peláez, S. Barthlott: Validation of IASI Level 2 Atmospheric Trace Gas Products using ground-based Fourier Transform Spectrometers: Projects VALIASI and NOVIA (poster presentation, P61).

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