Participation in the “Twelfth BSRN (Baseline Surface Radiation Network) Scientific Review and Workshop”


The Izaña Atmospheric Research Center has presented a study in the “Twelfth BSRN Scientific Review and Workshop” was held in the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Potsdam (Germany) from 1 to 3 August 2012.
The BSRN (Baseline Surface Radiation Network) is a global reference surface radiation network. One of the main objectives of this network is to validate and improve the radiative codes in climate models and establish long-term time series in order to detect changes or anomalies in solar radiation at ground. The radiation site in Izaña (IZA) is part of BSRN since March 2009 (
García, R.D., Cuevas, E., Ramos, R., Romero-Campos, P.M., Cachorro, V.E., and de Frutos, A.M.: Status of the Izaña BSRN station (download poster)
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