The work of women at the Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre


Our observatory’s history goes back more than a hundred years (for more information about it, click here). In those times, women played an auxiliary or a “support” role to the research activities that were mostly conducted by men. Fortunately, this situation has changed over time, and in an accelerated way in recent years. Right now, there are 16 women working at the Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre (IARC) as permanent members of staff or as direct contributors, and 8 of these 16 women are doctors. In this little scientific universe at Izaña, in which nearly half of the staff is composed of women, we can proudly say that women and men work hand in hand forming a great team. Spread this situation and this spirit to the rest of the world!

Today we want to introduce you to the women of Izaña, who are at the top of atmospheric research:

–       Conchy Bayo (Degree in Physics-DEA in Atmospheric Physics; Technician of the WMO Global Atmospheric Watch network, she is our expert in clouds and meteors. Exceptional photographer at a privileged location)1

–       Dr Omaira García (Principal investigator of the Infrared Spectrophotometry Programme, FTIR, which measures greenhouse gases, ozone and other atmospheric components)2

–       Cándida Hernández (Technician of the WMO Global Atmospheric Watch network, and phenology expert)

–       Dr Yballa Hernández (Support Technician of the WMO-CIMO Testbed for Aerosols and Water Vapour Remote Sensing Instruments)3

–       Rocío López (Computing Specialist of the Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre, technical problems support and development of communication tools)4

–       Dr Natalia Prats (Research Project Manager, Ozonesondes-NDACC researcher, and European Research Infrastructure for Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases ACTRIS researcher)5

–       Elba Rodríguez (Intern Researcher of the Reactive Gases programme of the WMO Global Atmospheric Watch network)

–       Concha Sálamo (Administration and common services all-purpose person, Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre secretary)6

–       Dr Elisa Sosa (Intern Researcher of the Aerosols In-Situ programme of the WMO Global Atmospheric Watch network)7

–       Dr África Barreto (IARC Contributor, pioneering researcher in the lunar photometry field, developer of a calibration methodology for the new AERONET/NASA standard photometer and the ROLO-RIMO model that is  implemented in AERONET/NASA)8

–       Nayra Chinea (IARC Contributor, Maintenance technician in the Reactive Gases programme)9

–       Dr Rosa García (IARC Contributor, solar radiation expert and Greenhouse Gases researcher)10

–       Dr Carmen Guirado (IARC Contributor, researcher on column atmospheric aerosols; she is currently working on the ACTRIS-2 European project)11

–       Vanessa Gómez (IARC Contributor, Greenhouse Gases researcher)

–       Dr Celia Milford (IARC Contributor, air quality expert, co-editor of IARC biannual activity reports and reviser of scientific articles in English)12

–       Priscila Ramos (IARC Contributor, Maintenance technician at IARC)13


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