New Seminar: Thermodynamic structure of the subtropical troposphere in North Atlantic Ocean



On 6 September 2017 at 13:00, PhD Student Judit Carribllo (Sistemas de Datos) imparted the seminar entitled “Thermodynamic structure of the subtropical troposphere in North Atlantic Ocean” at the Izaña Atmospheric Research Center’s Offices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This talk was a previous training for the PhD work report, defended successfully on 12th of September. The study leaded in this work deals on the analysis and characterization of the stability of the low troposphere, along the east of the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean using radiosonde data from more than 30 years of Canary (Tenerife), Madeira (Madeira) and Azores (Terceira) archipelagos. The most relevant characteristic is the strong stability observed in the low troposphere, where the temperature inversion are found simultaneously and in levels close to 900 and 800 hPa in a significant percent of the analysed soundings. This work demonstrate that the double structure found is associated to the top of the marine boundary layer (MBL) and with the trade wind inversion (TWI) respectively. The top of the MBL coincide with the base of the first temperature inversion (≈900 hPa), where a sharp change in the parameters related to the water vapour content is observed.  A second temperature inversion is found around 800 hPa and it is characterised by a strong wind shear above of this inversion layer, related to the TWI. This vertical structure is considerably altered by Saharan mineral dust intrusions, that origins a reinforcement of the TWI. In this cases, also, appears another stable layer, influenced by the presence of aerosols.

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